What is an ICF?
ICF Wall
ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) are lightweight polystyrene blocks that interlock and serve as a form for a poured solid, flat concrete wall. The forms remain in place to provide insulation inside and out. The forms also act as a vapor barrier, and are ready for interior and exterior finishing. When the wallsystem is complete your home will be ready for drywall on the inside; and brick, stucco, vinyl or the exterior of your choice on the outside. A home built with ICF's typically have a lower combined mortgage and utility payment each month than an traditional wood built home.

ICF Wall
Advantages to Building with ICFs

1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY-ICF homes are 44% cheaper to heat and 32% cheaper to cool than woodframe homes.
2. STRENGTH & SAFETY- ICF Walls will withstand up to 150 mph straight-on winds.
3. SOUND RESISTANCE- ICF's provide an inaudible barrier (STC 50), blocking outside noise such as passing traffic.
4. MOISTURE RESISTANT- ICF Walls are moisture resistance and an additional waterproofing system is applied in below grade areas to ensure a dry basement.
5. ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND- ICF's conserve forest resources and reduces fossil fuel consumption due to their high energy efficiency.

ICF Built Home Traditional Built
Energy Performs @ R-50 factor R-13 to R-17 factor
Fire Rating 4hr firewall 15 minutes
Stregnth Withstands 250 MPH winds ??????
Sound STC 50 (inaudible) STC 25

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